Friday, June 21, 2013

Todays Topic : Bullying

The Point Of No Return
Have you ever been to the point of no return and back again? I have. I am “Zoey”. You can call me Z. I’m talking about bullying. Cyber, verbal, physical, sexually, are all different types of bullying.
I’ve been cyber bullied before. It’s hurtful. Cyber bullying is attacking someone online, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Myspace, Tumbler, Pintrest, YouTube even ,ECT. Starting rumors about them, calling them rude and hurtful names, using inappropriate language, anything to make the victim feel bad and decrease their self-esteem. There’s so much more then you might think there is going on in the world.
How to stop cyber bullying and look out for the victims in 5 easy steps.
1. Don’t reply to what the bully says .
2. Take a screenshot on your device to have evidence.
3. Tell a parent , teacher , adult you trust , and if it gets to extremes , the  principal . Show them your screen shot as evidence .
4. Make sure its anyomouns .
5. Take a deep breath everything is going to be fine.
States With Highest Level of Bullying Including Cyber Bullying

New York

Verbal bullying is when a person (or bully) will call you names, starts rumors, trips you, ECT.
What Is Bullycide ?
The correct definition to this question is bullycide is suicide caused from bullying. Children and teens who are bullied live in fear and confusion constantly. Many feel the only way to escape the rumors, insults, verbal abuse and terror is to take their own life. Bullycide is clearly a serious issue. There are several different reasons that can lead to bullycide including:
  • Being a victim of  physical and emotional harassment
  • Experiencing continuous  physical and emotional pain
  • Having to continually relive an embarrassing moment over and over that is often brought up as a method of torment and torcher
  • Being the victim of bullying by a figure like a parent, teacher, coach or another adult
  • When the victim of bullying has no other friends to talk to for support or encouragement while being bullied regularly
Stand up. Speak up. Defend. Tell the authority . Do something .

- Z